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Poster Challenge #14
"Life is not a job"
I dont have anything to say, but I’ll keep on working on offsetting my stuff. I don’t know why but I find offsetting stuff incredibly interesting

Poster Challenge #15
"Good Ideas Never Go Out of Style"
Now, I know I’ve skipped probably like 5 days now, school and life have been positively intense lately. This weekend I’ll try to catch up with all the posters am missing, meanwhile feel free to enjoy the next post and loop it ALL DAY, until the single comes out.

I think I should take more creative breaks, and stop focusing so much in trying to become better. After all my best work happens when I am not thinking really hard about it.

Oh yeah I forgot, 500 followers!!! That’s insane!!!
When I started this blog it was all about keeping track of my development in my creative journey, now all of you are also part of it. 
This is indeed the future. What an exciting time to be a creator.