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So I missed the first couple of days. I know, but I just finished all of them.

Poster Challenge #5
A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.

Poster Challenge #21
"The Way Something Looks is the Last Thing We Figure Out"
This is a purely experimental piece, but somehow I like it.

Poster Challenge #30
"Inspiration is Perishable"
Can’t believe I’ve done 30 posters already. For some reason line word has always interested me, I find it to be absolutely beautiful; especially because I feel I can do it since I can’t really draw. But at same time it is not something that can be done randomly, it definitely takes a while to get it just right.

Poster Challenge #33
"Understanding Stops Action"
150 Posts, that’s pretty crazy considering that 95% of the stuff in here was done by me. Anyway, I just remembered how much I like typography, and how I kick from just looking at it, so I decided to use as many typefaces as I could. Kind of similar to a previous poster, but a lot more neat.

Also I just noticed that gifs play better in browsers, which means my photoshop is not working properly…