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HELLO! Mere 31 followers.
I FINALLY comeback with some ACTUAL WORK. This should be a tradition by now: College announces poster competition. I get really excited. A poster gets done in a month. I hope to win the money. Finally realize 2 months later how horrible my work was, and learn from it. 
Somehow I feel I should write a rationale about this one (maybe because that’s the name of the blog, get it? RATIONAL-E. HA HA!!!), in fact I will write one. I started realizing a while back how important is for a designer to be able to effectively communicate the logic behind a piece of communication. If we can’t explain why our work looks the way it does, who will?
Yet I decided to post this because this is what happens when I go into OCD mode, see that? those are hexagons, ALL OF THEM.
That’s work buddy, and it took me a little while and one thanksgiving to get it done. But I have to say, I am MIGHTY proud of this piece. Basically everything that I learnt during the summer has manifested somehow in this poster. Starting with LAYOUT, and HIERARCHY, all jokes aside I can literally talk about this thing forever. It was incredibly fun to work on this project, a lot more work than fun, but this is what I guess designers call fun.
Looking back at the past weekend I think I can understand how this job can be so much fun, its crazy, and I can completely understand why some people can’t stand design. But design should be fun, and people should get a kick out of it. That is all I am asking, a brief moment when someone can look at a piece of communication and intuitively be attracted to the great execution of an idea.

Hello there followers, am doing pretty good today. 
There are no gifs today (yet) BUT, I have something way better. A friend from ACAD asked me to do a poster for a show they are having. Since the last show and sale poster was a complete and utter failure, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to relax and enjoy the process. 
This is what came out of it, she gave me complete freedom so I went ahead and just enjoyed typography. Am sure she’ll like it too since, if I remember correctly, loves typography too. Anyway enjoy, and if you go to ACAD give this lovely people a hand.